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     Our first Welsh Pony was Tredana Marchfire who came to us in 1977.  Marchie started it ALL!  I was a very lucky person to purchase Marchie from a concerned equine breeder, Joyce Gregorian of Uplands Farm (Tredana prefix).  Joyce gave me a tremendous gift shortly after purchasing Marchie, a complete set of the American Welsh Stud books.  Joyce had decided to pursue her interests in Arabs and I got her stud books and the great old mare, Rositta of Llocam. 
       I guess the next MOST important thing that I did was join the Welsh Pony Society of America.  Through the Society's great member breeders list, I started contacting Welsh breeders in the area.  One of the first farms that we visited was Virginia Gunter's Tamarack Farm.  This is where we bought our second Welsh pony being Crossroads Sunlight.  Crossroads Sunlight was bred by Gordon Heard in Lyme, New Hampshire (at the time).  Gordon was a great resource and he also 'put us' onto Farnley Farm.  At Farnley, we purchased Farnley Selkie.  We were also lucky enough to visit with Gail Morris (Thomson) of Gayfields and purchased Gayfields Blue Cwilt.  Since I was keen into driving, we visited Deidre Pirie of Aquilia Farm and our only Sec. A pony, Aquilia Saccharin joined us. These ponies are shown on Our Ponies of the Past page.  In this same time frame, Jean Shemilt of Rowfantina Stud moved into the town next to me with her lovely imported Sec. A and Sec. B ponies. 
       OK, NOW WHAT DO YOU DO!  I had a stallion and five mares/fillies. The family was showing in halter and performance. I had been doing pedigree research and learning a great deal about Welsh. We bred a few Welsh foals but....
      I needed a plan on what I wanted to breed and where I wanted to go with my Welsh. Coming up with a 'plan' is just about the hardest thing you can do.  I think the purchase of GlanNant Vela in 1982 was the turning point in actually coming up with a plan.  We had visited with Mollie Butler a couple of times and had envied Mollie's total direction and knowledge of Sec. B ponies.  The common thread in a good portion of Mollie's breeding herd was Cusop Sheriff and Coed Coch Prydyddes (by Criban Victor).  
      I decided that I wanted to continue the breeding of Sec. B Welsh ponies closely related to Criban Victor and Tan-Y-Bwlch Berwyn.  Because of this, I sought out other breeders in North America that shared this common goal.  Anita Neilson (Snow Pony Stud) in Canada and Cherry DeSpain Wilson (Bristol Pony Farm) served as our NEXT step in coming up with my formulae.  Another good friend, Glenda Armstrong of Glynhafan Farm in NY, through her stallion, GlanNant Cadence served as further inspiration.  
      Today, we still retain a couple of Sec. B mares.  They are out on lease to breeders that value these old bloodlines, great bone, substance, and movement. Yes, we have 'moved on' to the Cobs BUT our Cobs are the same magical combination of linebreeding (different lines) with bone, substance and movement.  It is interesting to note that most of our Sec. B ponies are also related distantly to our Cobs.   

Section B Ponies

Bristol Lotus
Photo by Brian Richman
Tredana Marchfire Bristol Salome
Photo by Carien Photo by Kendra Bond
Other Ponies in Our Past
Photo by Carien

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