A Tribute to Bristol Salome

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Bristol Salome was very special mare.  She came to us from Cherry DeSpain Wilson's Bristol Pony Farm.  Sally loved to drive.  She had a marvelous extended trot was a thing to behold.  In 1985, Sally was AHSA Horse of the Year Welsh Pleasure Driving.  Even with light showing in the later years, Sally still made it onto the AHSA Welsh Pleasure Driving top six several times.  She also enjoyed CDE's and always had great marathon scores.  Her wins over the many years that we showed her are too numerous to mention.  
Picture by Kendra Bond
Sally enjoyed being ridden side saddle.  This picture was taken at Eastern Nationals were Mrs. duPont  complimented me on my turnout which was loaned by a good friend.  Mrs. duPont hunted aside so her compliment was taken to heart.
Picture by Kendra Bond
Sally's  loss without produce is one of my deepest regrets.  Losing her foals at birth was heart break for the whole family.  I was able to attend the Annual Meeting where her sire, GlanNant Tango received his Legion of Merit.  Sally had contributed to GlanNant Tango's winning of the Legion of Merit.  I cried when they showed the picture of Sally that I had lost the summer before.  I am sure that Sally and I will meet again.  She was a once in a life time privilege to have spent time with.  
Picture by Kendra Bond

Pedigree of Bristol Salome

Cusop Call Boy (2443)
Cusop Sheriff B-11466 (3213)  Coed Coch Brenhines Sheba (9315)
GlanNant Tango B-15495
Duntulm's Two Step B-6946 Coed Coch Ballog  (2518)
Coed Coch Baran (1460-FS2)
Bristol Salome B-26863
Criban Victor (1775)
Coed Coch Blaen Lleuad B-4962 (2222) Berwyn Beauty (9270)
Coed Coch Swynan B-4964  (12144)
Coed Coch Soci (9545) Tan-y-Bwlch Berwyn  (1383)
Coed Coch Sensigl (9173)


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