Bristol Lotus

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Getting Bristol Lotus from Cherry DeSpain Wilson's Bristol Pony Farm in 1992, was a dream come true.  I had bred Bristol Salome twice to Lithgow Houdini while he was at Grazing Fields.  Sadly, I wasn't there at foaling and lost both foals.  I had always wanted a foal of Lithgow Houdini and FINALLY I got one!
Picture by Kendra Bond
Early on in our pony days, we had leased Bristol Little Egypt (Bristol Lotus's dam) from Cherry for a short time.  She was an incredible pony with the huge eye that Lithgow Gay Grenadier put on his get along with tremendous movement.  
Picture by Kendra Bond
Lolo, as I call Bristol Lotus, immediately became part of our Sec. B show string.  As a yearling and two year old, Lotus did well on the East Coast Show circuit in halter.  Sadly due to our change in commitments to Cobs, Lolo has not been shown as much as she should be.  
Picture by B and G Action Photography
Lolo has turned into a beautiful mare.  As you can see, she moves just like her mother.  She is great fun to ride and even the smallest child can ride her.  
Picture by Brian Richman
Lolo has produced a lovely filly by Rosmel's Cotillion.  Go to Glynmagic to see Glynmagic Fan Dance!  


Pedigree of Bristol Lotus

Criban Craven Comet  (1598)
Sylvia's Comet B-1344  Criban Sylvia (9008)
Lithgow Houdini B-16058
Magic B-1946 (10508) Coed Coch Madog (1961)
Verity B-1944 (9974)
Bristol Lotus B-34543
Kirby Cane Jay B-4278 (2727)
Lithgow Gay Grenadier B-10918 Vanity B-1945 (10363)
Bristol Little Egypt B-28876
Westrum's Tami B-25815 GlanNant Tango B-15495
Westrum's Larina 18305


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