Liseter Hall Welsh Ponies
by Claudia Novak for the 1982 American National Welsh Pony Yearbook


Mrs. du Pont, her daughters and grandchildren

For over thirty years, Liseter Hall ponies have been playing a major role in Welsh breeding. Mrs. Jean Austin du Pont's deep involvement has created this outstanding breeding farm. Mrs. du Pont is Liseter.
     Today, we would consider it idyllic to grow up in a lifestyle revolving around horses and ponies. Mrs. du Pont's childhood was spent with "horse" power as the only means of transportation. She drove to school, to church and to visit friends. The horse was the king of the road!  At the age of six, Mrs. du Pont's family visited
Europe. The highlight of this adventure was a coaching trip over the Alps. Imagine being in a coach drawn by five hefty horses zigzagging up and down the passes of the Alps. This experience has left a lasting impression on Mrs. du Pont's memory.      

The Austin family coaching in Switzerland, 1904
       Perhaps winning her first blue ribbon in a pony driving class at the Devon Horse Show in 1910 at the age of 13 sparked it all. Whatever started it all, Mrs. du Pont continued her career showing all kinds of horses. Even up to 1970, Mrs. du Pont answered the call of. the huntsmanís horn to ride to the hounds. Hackneys, Three-Gaited Saddlebreds and Steeple-Chase horses lived in Mrs. Du Pont's barn. To quote Mrs. du Pont, "I had ponies for all of my children. Some were Welsh and some part welsh. After my children were grown, I decided to raise ponies as well as Thoroughbred horses." Perhaps Mrs. du Pont's motto, "Better ponies make better children" states it all.
     One of Mrs. du Pont's early Welsh ponies was the now famous William. Miss Charlotte Noland of the Foxcroft
School gave Mrs. du Pont a stallion called "Stormy Weather". He was an imported Welsh but Miss Noland had lost his papers. When Miss Daisy Broderick of Coed Coch Stud visited with Mrs. du Pont, she was very impressed with "Stormy Weather". Mrs. du Pont gave her the year in which he was imported and who had purchased him. Upon Miss Broderick's return to Wales, she obtained papers from the Welsh Pony Society. In actual fact "Stormy Weather" was the well-bred stallion, William 1402 (1549), who was by Criban Chief out of Criban Pearl. His pedigree sports three crosses to Dyoll Starlight (4) and three crosses to Klondyke (12). William lived to be thirty and produced many outstanding ponies for Mrs. du Pont.
*William [Criban Chief x Criban Pearl]
    In the early years, Mrs. du Pont purchased several ponies from Mrs. Romaine. Farnley Morning Star 1443 (2021) (Bowdler Brilliant x Revel Meadow Sweet) was an early stallion. He was bred by Miss Daisy Broderick and imported by the side of his dam. Farnley Morning Star produced the lovely chestnut stallion, Liseter Shooting Star 1740 out of Farnley Fairlight 1302. Liseter Shooting Star produced many champions for Liseter with most having "Star" in their names. In the March 1962 issue of Your Pony, William Simpson considered Liseter Shooting Star in the top five of Welsh breeding stallions. Two outstanding daughters of his, Liseter Star Actress 8359 and Liseter Star Venus 22432, can be seen at Liseter and in the show ring today.
      The following mares were also purchased: Farnley Fairlight 1302 (Bowdler Brightlight x Criban Sunray), Farnley Ruswyn 1445 (Coed Coch Moelwyn x Revel Russet), Black Magic 1429 (9351) (Crungoed Marvelite x Susie), Revel Bride 1437 (9766) (Revel Hailstone x Revel Bright Dawn), Revel Meadow Sweet 1433 (9581) (Snowdon Tywysog x Snowdon Arian II) and Revel Russet 1432 (9613) (Mathrafal Tuppence x Revel Chestnut Lady).
     Farnley Fairlight combined some of the best of the early Farnley imports. Bowdler Brightlight, her sire, had beaten Coed Coch Glyndwr at the 1938 Royal Welsh Show. While in the U.K., Bowdler Brightlight had only been beaten by Grove Sprightly and Grove Will 0' the Wisp, and was considered tough competition. Criban Sunray, her dam, is considered by most as the most influential of the original Farnley imports.
COED COCH PELEN (Tregoyd Starlight x Coed Coch Ploden)
Produced 18 foals, 14 of them for Liseter.

LlSETER REVELER (-Revel Capip by Clan Pip x Liseter Lovelight)

COED COCH SEREN LWYD 2638 Foaled 1953 Coed Coch Madog - Coed Coch Sensigl
COED COCH PELEN, shown here with three generations of her family at Liseter. L-R: Liseter Star Gladly (Liseter Shooting Star x Liseter Gladness), Liseter Gladness (Revel Capip x Liseter Glyndwr Gay), Liseter Glyndwr Gay (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Coed Coch Pelen) and Coed Coch Pelen (Tregoyd Starlight x Coed Coch Ploden). As well as being dam of numerous Champions for Liseter and the illustrious Planed, Pelen is dam of Coed Coch Pw (Twyford), Prydus and Pibydd. A total of 18 foals, quite an accomplishment for any mare.
(Revel Capip x Liseter Glyndwr Gay)

COED COCH SIGLDIN (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Coed Coch Sensigl) Dam of the great producing mares Liseter Bright Beauty and Signet and the well-known Liseter stallions, Brilliant and Bright Flash. In all, she was dam of 11 excellent foals for Liseter.

LlSETER BRIGHT BEAUTY 2455 Foaled 1957 Liseter Bright Light - Coed Coch Sigldin
      While at Liseter, Farnley Fairlight produced the following mares: Liseter Brilliant Dream 6940, Liseter Daylight 5651, Liseter Melody 1582, Liseter Moonlight 1479 and Liseter Starlight 1401. Two of her sons, Liseter Brightlight and Liseter Shooting Star, have left a lasting imprint on Liseter breeding.
     Revel Meadow Sweet came to this country as an excellent" package" deal. She had the lovely foal, Farnley Morning Star, at her side, plus, she was bred to Coed Coch Samswn (1830) and produced Liseter Sweet 1477. Revel Meadow Sweet produced several fine mares for Liseter. It is interesting to note all of her grandparents trace closely to Dyoll Starlight (4).
     Revel Russet was another interesting early mare. She produced the early stallion Liseter Russlight 1872 by Liseter Bright Light. She also gave Liseter Farnley Ruswyn and Liseter Brightness 1738 among others. Revel Russet has a high concentration of old
Forest breeding including two crosses to Criban Chief.
     Mrs. du Pont considers Liseter Bright Light one of her most successful sires. Liseter Bright Light 1400 (William x Farnley Fairlight) produced numerous fine ponies that can be found in today's Liseter pedigrees. Two of his most outstanding get are Liseter Brilliant and Liseter Lovelight. Liseter Lovelight 2456 is the dam of the current champion, Liseter Reveler 21369. Liseter Brilliant 2100 out of Coed Coch Sigldin 1867 (10012) became a successful sire himself and two of his sons currently stand at Liseter. In 1963, he was declared All-American Welsh Formal Driving Pony in Your Pony.
     In 1954, Mrs. du Pont visited with Miss Daisy Broderick and purchased four outstanding mares: Coed Coch Pelen 1868 (9507) (Tregoyd Starlight x Coed Coch Pioden), Coed Coch Sigldin 1867 (10012) (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Coed Coch Sensigl), Coed Coch Sulwen 1876 (10152) (Coed Coch Madog x Coed Coch Siaradus) and Revel Silva 1866 (9865) (Llwyn Tom Tit x Grwyne Sack).
      Coed Coch Pelen proved to be the broodmare all breeders hope and dream to own. While in the U.K., Coed Coch Pelen produced Coed Coch Planed, Pibydd, Pw and Prydus. Of these ponies the most famous is Coed Coch Planed. As a two-year-old, Coed Coch Planed beat his sire Coed Coch Madog as Male Champion at the 1954 Royal Welsh Show. In 1955, Lord Kenyon purchased Planed. Forever Planed had left his mark on Welsh breeding in the U.K.
     Likewise Coed Coch Pelen's first foal in the
U.S. has left a lasting mark on Welsh breeding here. Liseter Glyndwr Gay 1873 by Coed Coch Glyndwr had over 15 foals at Liseter. Her most famous daughter is Liseter Gladness 22429, who has followed in her mother's footsteps winning championship after championship.
     Coed Coch Pelen produced a total of 14 foals while at Liseter. Other famous Pelen "children" include, Liseter Lovelight 2456, Liseter Referee 6935, Liseter Star Actress 8359, Liseter Twinkle 10031, Liseter Star Venus 22432 and Liseter Radiant 23882. Currently, Liseter has five generations of ponies related to this grand old lady. Today at 34 years young, Pelen is alive and very happy at Liseter Hall.
     Coed Coch Sigldin also proved to be a good producer. She gave Liseter three stallions of note: Liseter Brilliant 2100 and Liseter Bright Flash 3451 by Liseter Bright Light 1400 and Liseter Star Gallant 11804 by Liseter Shooting Star 1740. Two daughters of hers have gone on to produce fine ponies for Liseter: Liseter Bright Beauty 2455 and Liseter Bright Crocus 6938 both by Liseter Bright Light. Coed Coch Sigldin was a product of the popular Coed Coch Glyndwr and Tan-Y-Bwlch Berwyn cross.
      Over the years other imported ponies were added to the Liseter Hall breeding program. Two imported stallions, Shalbourne Pendragon 2338 (1963) (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Wentworth Silver Minnow) and the more prolific while at Liseter, Shalbourne Prince Cymric 3117 (2560) (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Wentworth Silver Toy) added the valuable blood of Coed Coch Glyndwr. The following mares came to Liseter: Belvoir Sea Poppy 5243 (12296) (Cui Florin x Sugar Plum Fairy of Morley), Clan Chic 2929 (11215) (Clan Dubail x Clan Crocus), Clan White Judy 2224 (9646) (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Criban White Jane), Coed Coch Lleian 2635 (11028) (Egryn Criban II x Egryn Llwydlas II), Coed Coch Seren Llwyd 2636 (10151) (Coed Coch Madog x Coed Coch Sensigl), Criban Golden Rain 2190 (10666) (Cui Monarch x Strawberry Queen), Criban Nena 2637 (10238) (Owain Glyndwr x Criban Nestle), and Revel Fairy Queen 2930 (10836) (Revel Favour x Revel Lady Flash).
     Out of all of these ponies Coed Coch Seren Lwyd 2636 is the most notable, since not only did she play an important role in the broodmare band, but also did much winning as a performance pony. Coed Coch Seren Lwyd became AHSA Pony of the Year in performance. Coed Coch Seren Lwyd was half sister to Coed Coch Sigldin and a daughter of the phenomenal mover, Coed Coch Madog.
     In 1964, Mrs. du Pont returned to Wales to judge the Royal Welsh Show. At the show, she made Clan Pip the Male Champion and Coed Coch Pelydrog the Female Champion. Coed Coch Pelydrog is by Coed Coch Madog out of Coed Coch Prydferth. It is interesting to note Coed Coch Prydferth is a full sister to Coed Coch Pelen's dam Coed Coch Pioden. Mrs. du Pont was so impressed with Clan Pip that she tried to buy him. It was decided that Clan Pip should not leave Wales but Emrys Griffith offered Mrs. du Pont a son of Clan Pip out of the Royal Welsh winner, Revel Caress.

LlSETER GLYNDWR GAY (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Coed Coch Pelen)
As well as being a show mare of note, Glyndwr Gay has produced a number of Champions, among them Liseter Laughter and Gladness.
Liseter Peter Pan [*Revel Capip x Liseter Bright Beauty] owned by Ledinjadon Stud.
REVEL CAPIP 12470 [4491] Foaled 1964 Clan Pip - Revel Caress Liseter Jelly Bean [Liseter Agate x Revel Jennifer] owned by Ledinjadon Stud.
      On October 10, 1964, Revel Capip 12470 (4491) (Clan Pip x Revel Caress), Revel Jennifer 12471 (11422) (Owain Glyndwr x Revel Jean) and Revel Topaz 12472 (15620) (Clan Pip x Revel Trinket) joined the other Liseter Hall ponies. Revel Capip has made the most lasting impression on Liseter ponies of this importation. Both of today's champions, Liseter Reveller and Liseter Gladness are by him.
     Mrs. du Pont also shortly participated in Section B breeding by using the imported stallion Wickenden Osprey B-12473 (3427). Two Liseter stallions appear in many Section B pedigrees today. Liseter Nighthawk B-18871 (Wickenden Osprey x Liseter Moonlight) and Liseter Red Bird B-18873 (Wickenden Osprey x Liseter Russet) have made sizeable contributions to Section B breeding in this country.
      In careful examination of the pedigrees of Mrs. du Pont's top producing ponies, one is impressed by the uniformity of breeding. Liseter Glyndwr Gay, Coed Coch Pelen, Coed Coch Sigldin, and Liseter Brilliant are closely related to Coed Coch Glyndwr. Revel Capip is more distantly related to Coed Coch Glyndwr but his dam, Revel Caress, has seven crosses to Dyoll Starlight. William as before mentioned has three crosses to Dyoll Starlight. Liseter Shooting Star has nine crosses to Dyoll Starlight. Coed Coch Pelen has five crosses to Dyoll Starlight. Liseter Brilliant has five crosses to Dyoll Starlight. Many of the other imported ponies have added even further concentrations of Coed Coch Glyndwr and Dyoll Starlight breeding. Many experts feel that since the times of the Welsh Stud books, two of the greatest progenitors have been Dyoll Starlight and Coed Coch Glyndwr. Certainly Mrs. du Pont's ponies can testify to this fact.
     Today, two of Mrs. du Pont's biggest winners are Liseter Gladness and Liseter Reveller. Reveller and Gladness are three-quarter brother and sister. Both are by Revel Capip out of Coed Coch Pelen daughters. Both are very true to type and very hard to beat. Another Coed Coch Pelen daughter, Liseter Star Venus, is seen shown by Mrs. du Pont winning many pleasure and formal driving classes.
     To quote Mrs. du Pont, "I realize that type and conformation as well as soundness and disposition are very important... I try to look for a well-shaped head, large eyes, deep body, and a good rump with a tail set high, rather than low, and all legs must be straight. I do not breed for any special color." Also, due to Mrs. du Pont's great experience as one of the top whips in this country, good movement is also a must in a good pony.
     Today, Liseter ponies are spread across
North America contributing much too many breeding programs. To mention only a few breeders may insult many others that own and breed from Liseter ponies. In the 1980 and 1981 show season, the following Liseter ponies owned by other than Mrs. du Pont have been big winners at the large shows across North America: Liseter Radiant (Revel Capip x Coed Coch Pelen), Liseter Glad Dragoness (Shalbourne Pendragon x Liseter Gladness), Liseter Coquette (Liseter Brilliant Flyer x Liseter Flirt), Liseter Flashing Bride (Liseter Bright Flash x Liseter Flower Girl), Liseter Moondrop (Liseter Star Gallant x Liseter Moonlight), Liseter Blue Skyes (Liseter Bright Flash x Liseter Daylight) and Liseter Peter Pan (Revel Capip x Liseter Bright Beauty) to mention a few.
     A tribute to Mrs. du Pont's many contributions to the horse and pony world was paid her at the 1982 AHSA convention in
Boston when she was made the 1981 AHSA Horsewoman of the Year. The Welsh breed has been very lucky to have such a devoted supporter as Mrs. du Pont. Thank you Mrs. du Pont for all you have done for Welsh ponies!

Liseter Venus [Liseter Agate x Revel Jennifer] straight from the pastures at Mrs. du Pont's to win the 1981 W.P. & C.A.J.N. Senior Mare Championship. This was the first year she was shown, while caring for her own foal and a foster foal.
Shown here with her own foal Windcrest Tallys Dream. [1981] Owned by Windcrest Welsh Stud

LlSETER SHOOTING STAR 1740 (Farnley Morning Star x Farnley Fairlight) LlSETER Brilliant 2100
SHALBOURNE PENDRAGON 2338 (Coed Coch Glyndwr x Wentworth Silver Minnow) LlSETER BRIGHT FLASH 3451


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