Section D Cob Mares


      When the Novak family went to Wales in October of 1992, I went with the idea of purchasing a Section B stallion to further our breeding program.  A phone call to India Haynes before leaving the States radically changed our direction in Welsh.  I didn't know this at the time of the phone call but.....  India told me to visit with Anna and Milton Jones in Adfa, Wales who were her good friends.  Since we were staying a short distance away at the lovely Golden Pheasant Hotel in Glyn Ceiriog, it wasn't a hard thing to do.  
      While at the hotel, we spent time pony trekking on the surrounding hillsides.  Gretchen got to ride a clever little black Cob mare.  The ever growing Gretchen (thirteen at the time) looked great on the tidy little Cob mare.  I did 'time' on a rather large Cob crossbred who had no problems carrying me on the hilly three hour rides.
      On day four of this first  trip, Gretchen and I went to Adfa.   Milton took us on a memorable visit of his great Cobs.  Milton also offered to take us touring around some of the famous Cob studs the next day.  In one whirlwind day, we got to visit Derwen, Fronarth and Nebo.  I guess this is about the largest sensory overload one Welsh enthusiast can have in a day!       
     Before leaving Adfa, Gretchen made Milton 'swear' to breed  a Cob filly for HER.  The next fall, I returned to Wales for the Cob sales and was lucky enough to stay with Milton and Anna.  Out in his pasture was a lovely chestnut daughter of Beech-Hay Dairy Maid.  With a great deal of arm twisting, I was able to purchase Minyffordd Maid of Adfa.  In October of 1994, Gretchen and I  were able to revisit Wales and Anna and Milton.  This time, Minyffordd Mona Lisa joined us.
    I have been able to return to Wales several times since 1994.  Each time, I have had the joy of visiting with Anna and Milton.  Anna and I have been able to go off and visit some of the great homes and gardens of Wales and England.  Milton has taken me to numerous other studs both large and small.  I do treasure all the time and knowledge that they have shared with me.  
     All and all, I guess I must 'blame' India Haynes the most for getting us into Cobs.  India has been been very generous with sharing her knowledge and allowing us to breed to her stallion, Nesscliffe Sunrise. Once again this year, we will be having a Nesscliffe Sunrise foal.   
Minyffordd Maid of Adfa
Picture by Kendra Bond
Minyffordd Mona Lisa
Picture by Kendra Bond
Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa
Picture by Brian Richman
Tangwyllt Magdalena
  Picture by Derek


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