Tangwyllt Briar Rose

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Solway Master Bronze (3197)
Lechlade Scarlet Pimpernel (9404)  Lechlade Arum (11562-FS2)
Pendock Sir Percy B-28765 (21224)
Pendock Prudence (21124) Coed Coch Berwynfa (2114)
Pendock Patience (12784)
Tangwyllt Briar Rose B-30302
Lisester Brightlight 1400
Lisester Russlight 1872 Revel Russet 1432 (9613)
Rositta of Lloccam B-5444
Criban White Rosa 2079 (10559) Criban Bantam(1925)
Criban White Paper (9623)




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