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     In October 1994, Gretchen and I went to Wales to look for another Cob filly.  We stayed with Milton and Anna Jones in Adfa, Wales.  Les had decided that HE wanted a black Cob filly.  Poor Gretchen and I were put on a mission to find him the 'perfect' black Cob filly.  Both Gretchen and I really liked a chestnut Cob filly at Milton's.  We visited several Cob studs before the sales and marked our catalog trying to find the 'perfect' black Cob filly for my husband. 
     Two days at the sales produced nothing that we liked and could afford.  I dropped Gretchen off at Heathrow for her return flight to the States on Monday morning and quickly drove to the Cob sales with a well marked catalog of the black Cob  fillies that we both liked the breeding of.  
     Monday proved as fruitless as the other days of the sales.  Back at Adfa that evening, Milton and I had a serious talk about that chestnut filly we had so liked.  She was already 'spoken' for.  Once again, I was put in 'arm twisting' mode, to see if we could get her.  Even though she was chestnut, her sire and dam were black.  BLACK was there and she could produce black for us!  Les got a phone call that his new 'black' Cob filly was actually chestnut but she had been second in the filly foal class at the Royal Welsh.  Minyffordd Mona Lisa came to us on the largest load of Welsh to leave Wales that Peter Jones of Menai put together.  
      Minyffordd Mona Lisa has proven to be a great producer for us.  Her third foal is a very large yet unnamed colt .  You can see him on our For Sale Page.  She is a larger mare being fifteen hands with a lovely head, scope and great elegance.  One of these days, I will breed her to a black stallion and see if my phone call from Wales to Les is actually true!


I was lucky enough to get to see  Derwen Paddington Express at Milton's the year I bought Addie.  I did not realize at the time that I would have a 'Paddy' in my barn.  Sadly, Paddy died in the spring of the year before Mona Lisa was born.  
Before I bought Mona Lisa, I had gone out to the pasture with Milton.  I was looking at Minyffordd Madonna and asked him "What she is about 14.2 hands?"  "No" he said, "Get close to her and you will see she is 15 hands."  Milton was very right. Please forgive the mud spots on this picture.  Madonna was out in the pasture 'enjoying' herself before my camera appeared. 
Minyffordd Mona Lisa was a lovely foal with a great deal of presence.  You can't really see the lovely expression that she has in her face in this photo but you can see her substantial  body.  Mona Lisa and her daughter Dawna Lisa are the only two equines that I have ever owned that 'grew up' perfectly balanced.  
Minyffordd Mona Lisa has only gotten better with the years.  She is a big fifteen hand mare with a good length of rein and a lovely expressive head.  She has a leg in each corner with plenty of bone yet a great deal of elegance.  You can see another picture of Mona Lisa on Dawna Lisa's page.
Photo by Kendra Bond


Pedigree of Minyffordd Mona Lisa

    Nebo Black Magic (4370)
Derwen Railway Express (19035) Derwen Rosie (16052)
  Derwen Paddington Express (24024)  
    Derwen Princess (38206) Nebo Black Magic (4370)
      Derwen Queen (29471)
Minyffordd Mona-Lisa
D-36493 (102292)
    Brenin Dafydd (4639)
  Cascob Dafydd Ddu (24351) Belton Black Beauty (14570-FS2)
  Minyffordd Madonna (80421)  
    Felinmor Miss Magic (63056) Nebo Magic (16413)
      Felinmor Drygionus (44857)



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