Fletcher Hill Farm

Built by Deacon Joseph Fletcher in 1735 and on trust to the Novak family. 

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Websites are something that evolve!  This one certainly has.  Doing an overhaul on them maybe more of an effort than it is worth.  Click on the above bookmarks to travel through the history of this site and our farm.  Our most up to date information can be found on the blog The Adventures of Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa  Baby sister, Maggie, may soon have to have her own blog.  She is following in her sister's great driving footsteps.
Winter 2008
     I have been a very bad girl and not update my website in more than a bit.  While I have not update my website, much has been happening with my beloved ponies.  Dawna Lisa and I have been enjoying doing the CDE thing.  I will be adding a page with photos of at least least this years adventures.  Take a look at Driving 2008
Winter 2006
     SO, I guess I lied...  I never found the time to update my website last fall.  Yes, I added some things but not everything.  I am going to try to do this over the next couple of weeks.  I do want to mention yet another website kind of "thingie" (very technical term) that I am trying to be 'faithful to' being Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa's blog http://www.dawnalisa.blogspot.com/  This blog does include all the things that are happening to Dawna Lisa on her great adventure in Florida with Larry Poulin.  Yes, it has been both a thrilling time for me and Dawna Lisa.  It is incredible seeing how DL has grown in her comfort level with driving and what I think is perhaps her best talent in the performance world. 
      NO, that is not totally correct.  For me, Dawna Lisa's most important value in the performance world has been and will always be the way she 'saves' me when I ride her.  She makes sure even with my lessening talents in the riding department to be the solid girl that takes good care of me whether on the trail or in the show ring.  She always 'dives' to save me when I get loose in the saddle.  I certainly can't say she is a "once in a life time" pony to own since I have had several over the long year.  BUT I can say she is the best I have bred with this trait so far...  Notice the so far.  Just not sure if little Maggie is going to follow the 'way' of her big sister.  I think she will but hard to tell the true worth of an animal until they start in the performance world.  Yes, little Maggie has done well in the halter department to date
Yours, Claudia
Summer 2005
      Yes, it has been a bit since I have written to the website.  Time just seems to fly.  Between work, traveling and trying to get a performance mare in condition, there is just not much time left.  I promise after the grandchildren leave to update with pictures of Dawna Lisa, Maggie, the Royal Welsh and some of the trip to Europe.  More later.  Yours, Claudia
Spring 2004
     What a difference a year makes.  I am almost back to my old self with the nasty wrist a distant memory on good days.  Les and I had a marvelous trip to Hungary, Germany and Holland.  Some pictures can be seen on my school website Virtual Fieldtrip 2004 Photo Album.  Other can be seen at Pictures from Zelhem 2004.  Best of all, we have had a new filly who can be seen on her page Tangwyllt Magdalena.  She arrived while Les and I were in Holland.  NO sleepless night for me with this foaling!
      Dawna Lisa is off to Larry Poulin and Addie will be joining her on July 1st for the pair of my dreams.  I am working on getting the gardens back in shape after a year of no tending.  I do have my work cut out in THIS department. 
      I have decided to bring back my garden room by the back door.  I am very pleased to be able to walk out my back door with a cup of tea and sit in the warm morning sun enjoying beautiful flowers and herbs all around me.  Enjoy the pictures below and think of me in morning when out of school (soon).

Addie and Dawna Lisa at NEWPCS in June 2003

Fall 2003
     It has been a long time since I have written to this page.  The last year has been full of things sad, bad, good and very happy.  I will try to give you the SHORT version.  
      In the Spring of 2002, Gretchen and I spent a little over two weeks in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Holland.  It was a great trip spending time visiting some of my favorite spots in Europe with my daughter and making new friends in Holland.  Some of the pictures can be see at Pictures from Europe.  
      In the Fall of 2002, my sister, Gretchen and I spent time in Scotland, England and Wales.  It was a fabulous trip with my story of the Cob sales 2002.  The mid December of 2002 was a VERY sad time.  Poor dear beloved Marchie had been struggling with worsening arthritis.  One of the hardest days of my life was the one I put him down on.  During this time, Vanessa Vaile and I produced the first edition of the Welsh Pony and Cob Connection.
      Christmas of 2002 was a special one.  My daughter, son-in law and two granddaughters came for an extended visit.  Sophia was presented with a new toy chest that I painted and finished for her.  We had a great deal of snow during this time and Hannah and Sophia enjoyed sledding in the yard.  What fun we had!!
      February 2003 was another month of the good and bad.  Early in the month, I "sprained" my wrist.  MORE about that later.  At the end of the month, I went to Seattle WPCSA AGM and had a great time visiting with friends old and new.  It was also great to get away from all the snow that we were having.
      In late April, my sister and I visited New Mexico and my 87 year old aunt in Taos.  Another fantastic trip that you can see more on at my school website On the Trail of Coronado .  The 'bad' part of this month was that the orthopedic doctor found out that my right wrist was not sprained but rather I had detached the tendon and required surgery.
      June was a very good month.  Listen, I needed one!  Gretchen and I took Addie and Dawna Lisa to the New England Welsh Pony and Cob Society show.  Even though my right wrist was in a special cast to prevent further damage, I was able to show in hand.  Addie went Supreme Champion Welsh under Sandra O'Brien.  Dawna Lisa had a good show going reserve to Addie in the Section D Championship and went on in Ridden Cob for a fourth place.  I know it may seem strange to 'brag' about a fourth place ribbon but this was her first class under saddle in a show ring EVER!  I was a very proud mother of both of my daughter and Dawna Lisa.
      July brought the hated wrist surgery.  Because of this, I didn't get to do all the things I love to do like ride and garden.  BUT after months of physical therapy, my wrist is getting back to its old useful self.   I have high hopes for showing next year.  
      On the Cob front, Mona Lisa spent part of summer visiting with India Haynes's Nesscliffe Sunrise and we are looking forward to a Cob foal in the spring.  Addie is currently off to Larry Poulin's learning to be a good driving Cob.  Dawna Lisa is getting hairy and rather enjoying the paddock ALL to herself.
       Les and I will be spending a week in Belgium and Holland for our Thanksgiving treat.  We are looking forward to hearing some good jazz and seeing more Welsh, Dutch Warmbloods and perhaps some Native Ponies.  Time will tell.  Yours, Claudia


May 2001
     It is hard believe but 24 years ago, Les and I got married and  moved into our 'charming' house built in 1735.  Living in this old house is either an act of love or total stupidity.  I don't think that I own this house but rather it owns me!  It is much like owning Welsh.
      It has been a long, windy and sometimes uneven path down to where we are today with our Welsh.  All in all, it has been a tremendous learning experience with heartbreak and joy mixed in.  
My wedding present from my husband, Les,  was the Sec. B stallion, Tredana Marchfire, our first Welsh pony.  Many other lovely ponies have been beloved ponies of the family and have gone on to other homes as my children grew.  Numerous foals have gone on to their new homes. Several of our Sec. B mares are out on lease.   
       Bristol Salome was the cornerstone of our Sec. B show string for many years.  The loss of Bristol Salome was one that all my family mourned deeply. Today the heritage of great Bristol ponies is still alive and doing very well at Fletcher Hill Farm with Bristol Lotus
        Changing the focus from Sec. B ponies to Sec. D Cobs was a difficult family decision made in 1992  after much of the family went to Wales.   We decided that the quality and size of Cobs suited our family's future needs. 
      Even though Sec. B ponies will be my first love, our Sec. D Cobs have become a passion. Minyffordd Maid of Adfa was our first Cob that came to us after she was purchased as a foal in 1993 and imported in the spring of 1994.  Minyffordd Mona Lisa joined us as a foal in the fall of 1994.  Our 'first born' Cob is Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa who greeted you on our home page.  This year we will be having two Cob foals.  
      Over the years, I have seen thousands of Welsh ponies and Cobs in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia.  This is due in part not only to my love of Welsh but my husband's great job which has helped with me 'tagging along' on many of his trips.  I have been lucky enough to meet and become friends with many Welsh breeders around the globe.
      Do have fun wandering around this website.  Our website is a little different than many since much of the story of Tangwyllt Welsh Ponies and Cobs is told by my 'rambles' and stories of how animals came to our farm and what they have meant to us.  I think that this is important to understanding our love of Welsh.    
      This web site is dedicated to my husband, four beloved children and now two granddaughters.   Without their love, help and understanding, I would have never been able to devote the time and energy  I have spent on Welsh.  Yours, Claudia Novak   PS: A special thanks must go to Kendra Bond who has been a good friend and took many of the great photos that you will be seeing.

August 2001
      Summer has come to Fletcher Hill Farm.  Yes, the snow has finally gone away.  My gardens are looking great and we have two Sec. D colt foals on the ground.  I am enjoying my time off from teaching by playing with the colts, riding Dawna Lisa and working on the ever growing gardens. You can see the colts and I plan to add more pictures as they grow.  Got to go and enjoy my two granddaughters, Hannah and Sophia who are here visiting and playing with the Welsh.  Another generation of Welsh devotees!  Visitors are always welcome but it is more fun in the summer when you can sit in the garden by the greenhouse under the big umbrella and look out in the pastures and see the foals playing in the fields.  Yours, Claudia 

Winter 2002
     I wish all the best in 2002.  It has been a very good year for the Welsh at Fletcher Hill Farm.  Our two Cob boys will be off to their new homes shortly IF the mild weather and lack of snow holds.  Custom Made is going to PA.  
     I had 'fun' this Holiday Season by making my granddaughter Hannah a rocking horse.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Hannah LOVES her new horse!  Yours, Claudia

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