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Up to date information on Dawna Lisa can be seen on her blog
 The Adventure of Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa
This is a picture of Dawna Lisa's sire, Nesscliffe Sunrise taken from India Haynes's Waterford Stud web page. Click below to see more of the Cobs at Waterford Stud .
Dawna Lisa loved to terrorize her mother by flying around the pasture.  Mona Lisa soon got used to devilish daughter's way and went back to the serious business of eating!
Picture by Kendra Bond
This is Dawna Lisa as a two year old.  As a three year old, Dawna Lisa had a good show year up against the 'mature' mares being first or second every time shown.  
Picture by Brian Richman


Dawna Lisa is growing into a nice young mare.  As a five year old, she is loving going out on the trails for long rides.  She is the PERFECT size for me and a fun filled ride. She is also VERY kind to my aging bones since she has a lovely, slow and well balanced canter naturally.  
      Her trot is incredible!  Hopefully, the pictures below will give you an idea of the power, length of stride, hock action and tremendous balanced movement she has.  I do love this mare.  
      2004 will hopefully bringing about her great adventure in driving.

See some of the successes of Dawna Lisa in 2005

Do read Dawna Lisa's blog at http://www.dawnalisa.blogspot.com/  and leave a comment.  She always loves to hear about the comments written on her blog.  She is a very talent pony that can 'count', has a large vocabulary but she can read yet.  We are working on that!

Pedigree of Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa

Craignant Flyer (17979)
    Mabnesscliffe Survivor (23168) 
    Hewid Wendy (42430)
Nesscliffe Sunrise D-00291  
  Llwynog-Y-Garth (1841)
  Tireinon Dawn (16325) 
    Cathedine Pride (13297)
Tangwyllt Dawna Lisa D-38926
   Derwen Railway Express (19035)
  Derwen Paddington Express (24024) 
    Derwen Princess (38206)
Minyffordd Mona-Lisa D-36493    
 Cascob Dafydd Ddu (24351)
  Minyffordd Madonna (80421) 
   Felinmor Miss Magic (63056)












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